Jun. 7th, 2006

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Aaaaannnnnd--WHEEEEEEEE! Multiple dimensions are fun!

I'm luvvin' the 5D Rubik's Cube I posted about the other day, and even the 4D one, though that's pretty pussy compared to five dimensions of sexxxiness.

Pity our poor, barely-evolved threedimensional brains.

The End

Jun. 7th, 2006 01:02 am
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I really want to see Al Gore's end-of-the-world movie...but, honestly, I don't give a damn about global warming.

Why's that? you ask. Ain't you all about preserving the environment and all the awesome species in it?

Well, yeah--I am. With some caveats.

1) Life is not going to vanish from the planet due to our hamfisted human presence. Remember: this planet is usually a LOT warmer than it currently is. We're still recovering from an Ice Age. Rapid climate-change is not going to bake the world or scour it clean of life. Did the K-T Event wipe out all life on the planet? No. It wiped out a LOT, but...well, here we are. The planet will cope. (Unless we unleash a nanoplague that converts all carbon to diamond or something like that, but that's a whole different issue--I'm only dealing with climate here.)

2) Sure, our speeding-up of global temperature recalibration after the last Ice Age is going to result in some severe weather. Good. Maybe it'll thin the herds a little.

3) Hopefully, the planet will become so climatically destabilized that the only way for humanity to properly cope will be to convert to a nonbiological existence. Basically, humans don't have any reason to evolve further now--we're too snug and comfy as is. Only a handful of geeks like me want to abandon the wretched organic now...but imagine what the sweltering latter half of this century will be like to the remaining organic humans? Definitely not comfy, probably no fun. Evolutionary pressure will once again be exerted on our moribund species. Fortunately, though, we have the techniques and the scientific knowledge now to start guiding our own evolution. Myself, I favor going postbiological, and I will be one of the first to step up and lose this horrible, failing, worthless meat-sack I'm stuck in now. But other folks may want to stick it out by altering themselves to fit the climate better. Hey, more power to you! Diversity is a good thing. Speciation is a good thing. Maybe a global climate "catastrophe" is what we need to keep us--and the entire planet--marching forward.

And just remember, folks: robots don't give a shit if the planet's a tropical hotbox or a frozen, glacier-haunted wastelands, as long as their processor cores are kept reasonably cool. :)
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SATANS RAPTURE's back wit a brand-new invention!


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